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Are you hearing noises in your attic? Chances are you probably have racoons. Racoons are one of the most destructive animals. They chew electrical wiring, wood, urinate and defecate in the insulation, which is brought into your home through the airflow and ventilation which can be harmful to your health. Female racoons can have two or more litters of babies per year.

Crazy fact: 20% to 30% of all house fires are caused by rodents chewing on wiring.

If you are hearing noises in the attic, in the walls or if racoons are destroying your garden give us a call.

The technicians at Birds,Bees and More are experts from start to finish. Our service includes finding entry point, trapping exclusion, relocating and repairs. We always use humane procedures and practices.

We offer reasonable rates and same day service.


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