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Ant Removal
Ant Control
Bat Control Bat Control
Bee Removal Honeybee Removal
Wasp nest removal

Hornet & Wasp

Bed Bug Removal
Bird Relocation
Fox Relocation
Prairie Dog Relocation
Raccoon Relocation
Skunk Removal
Spider Removal
Spider Removal
Snake Relocation
Squirrel Control
Woodpecker Control Woodpecker Control
All insects!

About Birds, Bees and More

Birds, Bees and More is a family owned Colorado based nuisance wildlife and bee control company. Our goal is to provide each customer with the most affordable, long-term solution to their insect/bee control or nuisance wildlife problem. Best of all, we do this with our A+ customer service. We treat every job as if it is our own home.

At Birds, Bees and More we understand that keeping your home and family safe from unwanted visitors is important. This is why we provide a full inspection of each property, removal and exclusion of wildlife, and perform repairs to prevent the animals from returning. We use only safe and humane methods.

Our trained technicians are fully insured and licensed through the Colorado Department of Agriculture and Colorado Division of Wildlife. The have over 15 years of experience in dealing with Colorado's nuisance wildlife and bee/insect control.

You can request an estimate, call us at 303-809-8269 or 303-803-6430, or contact us for more information.



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